2014 Rules


  1. Co-ed Softball League is and informal recreational league that emphasizes fun and safety.
  2. Each team shall have two (2) representatives designated as contact persons for their teams.
  3. At least one (1) representative must attend any league meeting.
  4. At least one (1) representative must be accessible by the telephone during the day, either at work or at home.
  5. Alcohol is prohibited in Township parks and athletic fields, therefore no alcohol will be permitted.
  6. Any variation of rules must be agreed to by both team captains prior to each game.
  7. Abusive language or behavior by any player whether directed at opposing team or to anyone will not be tolerated. The use of vulgar or foul language or aggressive behavior is grounds for immediate ejection from the game. It is the responsibility of every team captain to control its players. The opposing captain reserves the right to eject any player for language or behavior violations. Any player ejected for these offenses must immediately leave the premises. The league must be notified of any player ejected from a game.  There will be three rules arbitrators on duty as well. If there is a discrepancy in the interpretation of any rule or If a problem should arise that the captains cannot control, please call one of the arbitrators immediately and we will handle the problem.  It will be the on-duty arbitrator's digression as to what immediate action is to be taken, including possible ejection of player(s) or forfeit.  Resulting action may include suspension.  Repeated offenses can result in expulsion from the league. Penalties shall be assessed, taking into consideration the severity of the behavior and past history of the team or individual.



  1. The home team shall provide two (2) 12” softballs:  One (1) new and the other in “good” condition for each home game and shall be responsible for keeping the official score.  New game balls shall be supplied to the team by the league.
  2. Home plate and the pitching rubber will be set at 50 feet. This is easily calculated as it is dead center of all bases.
  3. Home team shall provide outfield cones, pitching rubber, home plate extension, white throw-down bases as well as the double orange/white 1st base.
  4. Each team is responsible for providing its own bats, gloves, practice ball and catcher’s masks.
  5. Catcher’s masks are required.
  6. Base paths shall be 65 feet in length.
  7. Bases shall be sliding bases (not spiked into the ground).
  8. Metal spikes of any kind are not permitted.
  9. Pitches shall be slow arc with a minimum 6 foot arc and an unlimited maximum arc.
  10. Only bats on the league's "approved only bats list" shall be used in league play. We are a single wall bat league and only single walled bats will be listed on the approved bats list. Single walled composite bats will be allowed to be submitted for approval for the bats list. All double walled, multi walled, or ‘loaded’ bats are illegal in league play and will be denied admittance to the approved bats list. Likewise, the use of bats designed for fast pitch leagues shall be deemed illegal. The use of any bat not listed on the approved bats list shall result in game forfeiture. 



  1. Anyone age 18 and up is eligible.
  2. Women:  At least three (3) females must remain on the field for each game.  If one (1), two (2), or all three (3) are not available to play, then the third (3rd), fifth (5th) and eighth batting slots respectively shall remain open and constitute an out each time that slot  is up in the batting order REGARDLESS OF THE GAME SITUATION.  You cannot replace a missing girl with a guy in the field.  If one girl is missing, that team shall field nine (9) players (7 guys and 2 girls). If two girls are missing, that team shall field eight (8) players (7 guys and 1 girl). If three girls are missing, the team shall field seven (7) players (7 guys). 
    Note: If you are missing one girl. The automatic out comes in the third slot, 2 girls, third and fifth slots, three girls, third, fifth and eighth slots.  There are 10 slots total. NO EXTRA HITTER is allowed if you are missing a female player. 
  3. By the Tuesday after the game, no later than 8 PM, a representative from the winning team must notify Tom Pierson by e-mail at wncesoftball@yahoo.com .  If not, the win will be forfeited.
  4. Every player must furnish name and address on the team roster.
  5. Official rosters are due by the second game of the season.  Final rosters are to be sent in no later than the Monday following the fourth (4th) week of league play.  If final rosters are not received by Thursday, your original week two roster will serve as you final roster.
  6. Season ending injuries or other special situations may permit player additions with league approval.



  1. No umpires are required, but will be available for all playoff games as well as championships.
  2. Game starting times 9:00A.M., 10:45A.M., 12:30p.m., and 2:15P.M. Sundays.
  3. Rescheduling of games due to other reasons (ex., scheduling conflicts) shall be handled by the two (2) teams.  The league commissioner must be informed immediately of the new date.  No games are considered rescheduled without clearance from league office.
  4. NO SHOWS will be considered forfeits after 10 minutes.  After two (2) forfeits the team shall lose its forfeit deposit.  Three (3) NO SHOW forfeits will result in the team’s ejection from the league.  A forfeit shall be scored 7-0.
  5. Fielding team should determine fair or foul ball hit down the left or right field lines.



  1. If at the end of the season there is a tie between teams, the following criteria, listed in order of importance, will be considered to break the tie
  1. Score of games between two (2) teams in question during the regular season.
    b.      Total runs scored
    c.      Total runs allowed

Players must have played in at least half of their team’s games to be considered eligible for the playoffs.



  1. Seven (7) innings will constitute a game.
  2. If a game is called, a minimum of 4 ½ innings must be played, providing the home team is leading.  Otherwise, five (5) innings must be completed to constitute a regulation game.
  3. Each team is allowed an “E.H.” or “Extra Hitter.”  A maximum of eleven (11) players may therefore bat.  Extra hitter is only permitted if a team can field (10) players (including three female players.)
  4. Ten (10) rostered players shall constitute a team; however, a game may be started with seven (7) players.  Less than seven (7) constitutes a forfeit.  All players must be on the team roster.
  5. If a team starts with seven (7) players and an eighth (8th) player arrives, he/she shall be allowed to enter the game at the beginning of the next full inning and shall assume the eighth (8th) batting position.
  6. Runners cannot leave the base until the ball has been hit.  Runners leaving base before is hit may be given a warning or called out at the discretion of the defensive team captain.
  7. No bunting.
  8. If after five (5) innings, a team is winning by ten (10) or more runs (4 ½ innings if it is the home team), the game is over.
  9. A team may score a maximum of ten (10) runs per inning, with the exception of the final inning.
  10. If a player fields the ball CLEANLY and there is a close play at any base, the runner is out. The fielding team makes the call. 
  11. If a team a team BOBBLES a ball hit and there is a close play at the base, the runner is safe. the fielding team makes the call.
  12. Foul balls are called by the fielding team and are not subject to question or argument.
  13. All calls can be questioned or discussed but only by the team captains and co-captains. Any player not a captain who argues a call can be removed from the game.
  14. A “Rabbit” or designated runner may be used under special circumstances, i.e., injury which prohibits the batter from running at regular speed.  The “Rabbit” will be the last batter making an out. All rabbits must be of the same gender as of the person being replaced.
  15. Orange cones or other similar marker shall be placed forty five (45) feet beyond the first base and third base bags along the foul lines. When a female batter is up to bat, at least three fielders must remain behind the “imaginary arc” of the cones until the ball is hit. Female batters may not be thrown out running to 1st base if the batted ball clears the infield. If a team has only two outfielders, then at least one player from the infield must go beyond the cones for a batting female.
  16. We will play by the 3 strike rule.  Any batter can be called out on strikes. Every batter will have a maximum of 3 strikes per at bat. There are now walks, balls will be called. Every team will be issued a mat which will constitute both home plate and the strike zone. This mat will be 12" wider and 12" longer than the strike zone from last year (30”x48”). The mat will be placed on top of the existing home plates on the field. Any pitched ball touching the mat will constitute a strike. 3 strikes and you're out. Any ball not touching the mat will constitute a ball. 4 balls and you're walked (see below for full rules concerning walks). Any combination of called strikes, swinging strikes, or foul balls equaling 3 will be deemed a strikeout. Any pitch shall be deemed a strike if (a) the batter swings and misses the ball, (b) the batter fouls off the ball, or (c) the pitched ball hits any part of the home plate strike mat.
  17. The pitch rules are as follows: We are an unlimited height arc league. Any pitch under 6ft. may be deemed a non-pitch unless the batter chooses to swing at said pitch in which case the pitch stands regardless of the result (either a strike hit, foul...) Gauging height is fairly simple; we all know how high 6 ft. is in regards to our own height. If any pitch is below a batters height during the entire flight of the ball, said pitch shall be deemed illegal and cannot be considered as a "called strike". A pitch with no arc can be called a ball and thus walk a batter. Again, sportsmanship, character and integrity for the game are called upon.  
  18. The walk rules are as follow: any pitcher who walks 3 batters in a single inning must be replaced immediately, no questions asked. This will ensure that the batting team has good pitches to hit. Any batter being pitched 4 balls in a single at bat will be considered walked and advance to 1st base with one exception, that being: if a batter is walked (male or female) with a female batter due up next in the lineup(on deck), said batter will be awarded two bases. This will ensure that batters aren't "pitched around" to get to lesser hitters.
  19.   The orange 1st base extension is to be used by the batter running from home to 1st base to prevent injury. A runner shall be deemed out for failure to utilize the orange mat rather than the 1st base bag as per ASA rules. 
  20.    Sliding is expected, but not with feet up in an attempt to injure or dislodge the ball.  Running into players is prohibited. Addendum to sliding rule   (as per ASA rules)                                                                                  

The batter/runner is out when the runner interferes:

  • A.     with the fielder attempting to field a batted fair ball, or
  • B.     with a fielder attempting to field a fly ball over foul territory, or
  • C.     with a fielder attempting to throw a ball or a thrown ball.
  •         if this interference, in the judgment of the umpire, is an
            attempt to prevent a double play and occurs before the runner is put out, the
  •         immediate succeeding runner shall also be called out.                
  • D.     intentionally with any defensive player having the opportunity to make an out with a deflected batted ball.
  •   Basically what this is saying is that our slide or get out of the way rule has merit with ASA rules so as not to create interference (not to mention injuries). We will adjust the slide rule slightly, allowing people to come in standing up at any base at any time. The runners will be subject to the official ASA rules as stated above when warranted. This is a fielder's judgment and is not to be argued by the offensive team. This by no means allows any runner at any time to run fielders over. We are a non contact league. We are aware that accidents do happen but malicious contact will not be tolerated. Unnecessary contact or collision will result in a game ejection of the offending player. If the infraction occurs again it will result in ejection as well as suspension from the next game (games). We understand the competitive nature but we must be mindful that we all have jobs during the week. Let’s work together to eliminate the unnecessary injuries. 
  • We are a no contact league and any runner is expected at all cost to avoid contact with a fielder. The recommended way would be to slide but it has been determined that if the runner chooses not to slide he may be called out if he obstructs with the fielders ability to make a play or he causes the fielder to move so as to avoid contact. Obviously if there is no play or the runner arrives at the base well before the throw that runner needn't slide. Let's use common sense in this matter and play safe!



At each field, the area from the backstop to each bench is in play.  From each bench there is considered to be an imaginary line going parallel to the playing field.  Any ball hit beyond that area between the playing field and that imaginary parallel line is out of play.  Any obstruction by trees in foul play areas results in a dead ball.

Ground rule double from the wall to the right field foul line. This is to include any ball that hits the wall, goes over the wall or goes between the wall and the right field foul line.

Any ball hitting the parking lot from the left edge of the red doors in center field shall be "all you can get". A ground rule double shall be called for any ball hit onto the parking lot pavement from the left edge of the red doors in center field toward right field. An attempt on the ball must be made by the fielder to constitute the ground rule being enacted. If the fielder makes no attempt for the ball the ground rule will be null and void thus the batter may attain as many bases as he or she is able. This ground rule is for the parking area only, not for the driveway leading to the parking lot. A ball hit onto or over the driveway shall be ruled in play and there is no ground rule. If the batted ball hits any part of the trees overhanging into fair territory in left field, the ball shall be considered as a “dead ball”. There is no penalty of a strike against a batter; it shall be treated as a “non-pitch”.

Ground rule double for any ball rolling into the tree line in left field. The fielder must make an attempt on the ball to constitute the ground rule being enacted. If the ball goes into the tree line in the air (not by rolling) then the batted ball shall be deemed a home run.

There are no ground rules on the field. Out of play lines should be determined by both team captains prior to start of game.

Any ball hit into the trees in right field shall be considered a ground rule double. The fielder must make an attempt on the ball to constitute the ground rule being enacted. Any ball hit into the parking lot, but not hitting a tree, shall be considered a home run.








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